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Options Trading Software System

Cross Hairs Charts and Trend Lines for Options Trading

chartsCross Hairs and Trend Lines enable a trader to identify and pin-point specific data information for the given period in time. By clicking on a certain location on the chart, traders may see all the detailed trading information for that particular spot. For instance, by clicking on the breakout point on the chart (as shown above), traders can tell precisely at which price and volume that particular high point occurred, allowing them to anticipate the same price point in the future – the core of technical analysis.


Options Trading Opportunity

option trading opp By setting up certain filters within the live data feed, option traders can identify preferred Option Trading Opportunities, based on their desired criteria. By filtering such options trading data through a pre-determined factor / range selection, traders can receive ongoing intra-day signals, allowing them to create options trading opportunities they may have otherwise overlooked.



Time & Sales

time sales Arguably the most valuable tool in options trading is the time and sales window, sometimes referred to as the “Tape“. The time and sales window basically shows all the detailed information regarding the order flow for a particular stock / option. The time and sales window provides details on each of the trades that have taken place for that security, where, how much, at what price, etc., making it extremely easy to analyze via technical indicators.



Historical Options Trading Data

historical data Tabular display of Historical Data is a formatted table that contains information of stocks' and options’ daily trading activity, showing the closing prices, volume, as well as the intra-day activity for that stock or option. Such information provides a very accurate view of the stock / option in question, allowing traders an opportunity to see where the security has been trading in the last 52 weeks, which of course provides an insight on where it might be headed in the future.